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Get To Give

A backpack is more than just a means of storage, It’s a medium of expression and a tool for success. That is why we believe that every student should sail to school with a backpack.

Currently, 14 million students throughout the United States live below the poverty level and many of these students attend class with nowhere to store supplies, books, a change of clothes, or even a sack lunch.

At one of our first giveaways in Los Angeles, we learned that some students were resorting to carrying school supplies in grocery bags, and some were even going to school with the supplies they could fit into their arms.

The Ark Collective Get to Give model is built on the belief we can give back to our communities through collaboration.That’s why for every backpack you purchase, we give a brand new backpack to a student who is in need of one, on your behalf.

By purchasing a backpack you provide a student with an essential item for their everyday lives. Our backpacks are not only a method of transporting items, but are also a form of self-expression that each student can call their own.

Lets make a difference together.